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Only some of our businesses for sale are listed below. We have a number of companies for sale not listed publicly, that require high confidentiality and individual selling approach to protect commercially sensitive information.


Please email our Sales Team your specific requirements to find out whether we have a business that matches your criteria.

If you wish to obtain further information relating to a specific business, including accounts, or to arrange a meeting with the owners please sign our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Please note a Reference number of a business as you will need it for NDA.

Please take a note or copy a Reference number of a business you are interested in as you will need it for the NDA


These details do not constitute part of an offer or contract. The statements and descriptions given are made without warranties by Enthuse Transformations Ltd (Trading as ETS Corporate). The information contained herein has not been verified by Enthuse Transformations Ltd; complaints regarding the accuracy of the information contained herein will not be acknowledged. Purchasers should in all cases undertake financial due diligence using their own professional advisors before committing themselves in contract rather than relying on illustrations, figures and information given on behalf of the seller. Furthermore, any representations made by any representative of Enthuse Transformations Ltd regarding this business are subject to verification and should be independently corroborated.

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