Perry Wright

“I first looked at the reputation of the brokers online and the sale rate for businesses. A lot of agents had a lot of business that seemed to be stagnating and had been on there for a long time. I spoke to yourself and we discussed terms of your work and the big difference for us was there was no upfront fee, so for me I felt more comfortable with that and that we would be paying for a service if we were successful and that was a big thing for me.”

David Rap ACA BA (Hons)

“Zach, I've written a google review - one of the things I hadn't mentioned previously is how fairly you priced this business - I've seen asking prices for similar businesses at 7 times EBTIDA which makes it difficult to negotiate as they've set their clients' expectations way too high.

Thanks for all the information - this is by far the best buyers pack I've seen put together and answers a lot of my questions"


I've been looking to buy a business for a while now, but the hardest part has consistently been the lack of information provided by the agent which has made it difficult to make any sort of informed decision, so it is refreshing to have nearly all the information I need when requested! If only everyone else had the same approach, both buying and selling of small businesses would be a million times easier!


If this one doesn't pan out, I will keep my eye out for new business you bring to the market for this exact reason. “

Director at Sprint Holdings Group Ltd

"We have found Zach and his team at ETS Corporate most helpful and professional in our dealings. From the onset, they were swift to respond to our enquiry and let us have all the information we required in a timely manner. The transaction proceeded very smoothly and we were able to complete within 4 months of our initial contact. I was impressed with the professional and fair way negotiations were conducted and ETS Corporate definitely helped facilitate and create a win-win situation for all."

Founder and Former Owner of Hide Rugs Ltd

"As my previous businesses were smaller, I was able to sell them myself. With this one, it was very successful. I liked what you had to say when we first spoke. I was impressed with your knowledge, including the types of deals and the tax position. You were always at the end of a phone and I was able to always speak to you one to one. You explained about confidentiality and the NDA was perfect. We had confidence in you and you gave us confidence. You produced buyers almost immediately. The legal process was very quick with the solicitor you provided. In fact the whole process was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to sell their business. If your selling, you definitely need a broker."

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