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ETS Corporate Sells a High Profile Salon in Warminster

Roland and Lynne Grossett first approached us in November of 2019, and at the time, Zach Dogar spoke with them regarding a potential sale. They completed our personal readiness to exit questionnaire to ensure they understood all the personal factors involved in selling a business. They also completed our online sellability score questionnaire so that they could understand their business from an acquirer's perspective. This gave them plenty of time to prepare for a sale.

After speaking with many brokers, they decided to place the business on the market with us.

Roland Hair Salon Warminster
Roland Hair Salon Warminster

Roland remarked:

"I think it's your knowledge of the hair just industry and of selling businesses releasing the full value of it. It was just one hundred percent very good, whereas talking to other agents and I felt that they're just concerned with high upfront fees and we can get this and get that and it wasn't the same, so the fact that you're a specialist in the industry went along the way as well."

The business was placed on the market in the summer of 2021, and a full valuation report was produced. It was agreed that we would not sell the business for anything less than the full value, as it had been substantiated with the report.

A deal with Brighter Beauty Group was agreed, and a sale was completed after a long legal process. The full asking price was achieved.

The Business

Inside Roland Hair Salon Warminster
Inside Roland Hair Salon Warminster

Roland Hair Salon is a very well-presented and highly profitable freehold hair salon. It is a very long-established business offering a full range of hairdressing services.

The business was started by Roland in 1979, and the Company was incorporated on 15th March 2006. The business has grown from strength to strength and has always been the premier salon in the region and the market leader. The owners were looking to retire.

The business is operated by 10 staff, and the turnover is around £370,000 pa with an average (2017-2020) adjusted profit of over £135,404.

There are three salons over two floors consisting of 12 cutting stations and five backwash stations. Currently, they have five senior stylists, six including Roland, two graduate stylists and three apprentices.

There are several hair salons in Warminster, but non pose any particular threat to them at present.

A promotional video of the business is available here

The Challenge

Roland and Lynne had plenty of time to prepare for a sale.

As part of the valuation, all aspects of the business are considered, including the staff, location, SWOT analysis, market, competitors, financing, including restructuring assets and calculating an SDE. Light touch due diligence is also undertaken to ensure the business is saleable.

Once Zach had been instructed, a formal valuation had to be done for the business. Zach Dogar as a qualified valuer with 25 years in the industry, was able to understand what a realistic market price would be. Roland and Lynne had to provide a lot of information as the valuation involved due diligence as well as looking at the finances and understanding present market conditions.

There were three key challenges for Zach:

  1. Achieving the full asking price, as Roland and Lynne were determined to achieve the full value. The business had just seen out the COVID closures, and the market was very cautious.

  2. Ensuring that the Buyer had an excellent track record in the industry. This was because the Owners of the salon also owned the property and wanted a reliable and secure tenant.

  3. Roland wanted to continue servicing his clients for the next 2-3 years, so we needed to find a Buyer that had synergy with the Owners and their very loyal staff.

Our Solution

Once the valuation was completed and the business marketed, it was introduced to ETS Corporate Hair and Beauty Specialist Database. We are the leading business brokers in selling hair and beauty salons nationally. The effectiveness of the preparation prior to going to market as well as understanding the business from an acquirer's perspective was vital in achieving the full sale price and also securing a reliable tenant for the Sellers.

It was interesting to interview Suhail Shaikh of the acquirers BBG and understand the transaction from the perspective of an acquirer.

The Heads of Terms were drafted by Zach and the matter then proceeded to the solicitors.

We then had to work very carefully with the Sellers to ensure their interests were looked after. A new lease had to be agreed along with a sale agreement as part of the sale price involved owner funding.


ETS Corporate were able to complete the sale of the business, achieving the full market price and a suitable long term tenant for their property. The acquirers have an excellent track record in the industry and a strategic plan to grow the salon along with their other sites and create a national brand.

Zach Dogar has over 25 years' experience as a business broker and has helped hundreds of business owners sell their business.

Book your free consultation today to help formulate your exit strategy.


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