14 Nov 2019

ETS Corporate were able to sell the business confidentially for the right price and deal for the owner.

10 Nov 2019

Some commercial solicitors charge by the hour and some use a fixed fee model. It is always best in my opinion to agree a fixed fee. Beware as the fee only covers the transaction itself. If there are any other subsequent issues such as employment or property disputes, these will not be included. It’s always advisable, in my opinion, to do a little legal due diligence before going to market to address any issues which may hold...

4 Nov 2019

ETS specialise in the sale of automated and online businesses and through internet advertising, utilising a 650,000 strong buyer database, and a network of Buyer side agents, have established an effective system for selling businesses.

17 Aug 2019

Background Information

Georgina Dawson was the Owner of a very successful London based brand brand Foxcroft and Ginger. It had been represented in many London Venues and had become internationally recognised since its inception in 2010.

In April of 2018, she decided to open a venue on Balham and chose a prime site and started trading. She also operated a successful bakery operation, which she used to supply the business.  In...

5 Aug 2019

A No Deal Brexit means that the UK will become a non-member country with no Brexit plan in place and no transition period. We would then be out of countless arrangements covering everything from foodstuffs, other goods and data, tariffs, movement of people, to security and travel. Without a withdrawal agreement, each element would need to be agreed and given this complexity and uncertainty several business sectors are deeply w...

20 Feb 2019

Establishing a realistic business market price for your business is the most important first step in selling your business. If it’s too low, then you lose money and if it’s too high, you won’t sell it and the business is always at risk when it’s on the market. It’s well known in the industry that almost 90% of businesses that go to market do not sell and the main reason is Business overvaluation which in turn influences Sell...

1 Feb 2019

ETS Corporate were able to sell the home-based business confidentially and for the full asking price. It was sold to a larger acquirer and our client was also offered a generous consultancy contract.

31 Jan 2019

In this blog we discuss online business valuation, market price and sale price.

A company valuation differs according to approach, industry and an investor type.

A bank or other financial institution will largely value a business on its assets and give little if any credit for goodwill. They will want to look at worse case scenarios when lending money. Also private investors may have a similar approach.

An entrepreneur will...

29 Jan 2019

ETS Corporate placed the business on the market on the 12th November 2018 and within 24 hours had secured a non-refundable deposit of £5,000 from the Buyers. The sale was concluded on the 22nd December 2018, at record speed thanks to ETS Corporate associations with a good team of lawyers and the determination and initiative of the Owners.

10 Oct 2018

This case study demonstrates our expertise in the area of the sale of technology companies, and our effectiveness at achieving an excellent market price within a very short space of time whilst maintaining the confidentiality of the Client Company. Within 4 months, we were able to complete the sale of the business including the legal process and achieve a market price which was in excess of the asking price, and chosen from 4...

30 Sep 2018

Case Study: Selling an e-commerce/online business

Mark and Joanne Hammond had an established and successful online business selling specialist hide rugs, having started the company themselves in 2014. The company had enjoyed year on year growth and it had reached the point where further investment was required in infrastructure, including staffing, storage and logistics. Mark, having Owned other online businesses in the past fe...

28 Sep 2018

Wick Road Garage has a very prominent location close to the Bristol City Centre. It is on a large corner plot with lots of traffic passing by. The area is very densely populated and the property could easily be used for residential development in the future. It represented a sound investment and the owners, Andrew and his partner, were looking to retire.

25 Sep 2018

Business Owners have rarely considered when and how they will exit their business. Circumstances often dictate when they decide to sell leading to money being left on the table, stress and all the other symptoms of being ill-prepared. “Business owners are selling an extremely valuable asset but unfortunately, they have little or no experience of selling a business. They don’t really understand the process and how to put the...

31 Aug 2018

Case Study: Sale of Triple S MOT Centre

Deal Summary

Name of business: Triple S MOT Centre

Type of business: MOT and Tyre Centre

First Contact with Client: May 2015

Instructed to market: 5th January 2017

Found Buyer and agreed terms: June 2017

Date sold: 26th April 2018 after elongated legal process

Initial Price: £775,000 including all assets

Sold Price: Full asking price

Business Details

The business is located on Belgave Road in Sloug...

22 Aug 2018

We do not charge upfront fees to take your business to market and are paid when the deal is done. This means our valuations will be realistic, and we don’t overvalue to entice you to sell with an inflated value and simply sell you a service and advertising space. More than 90% of businesses that go to market don’t sell because of inflated values, leaving the business vulnerable. We are motivated to take the deal through to com...

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